ABOUT THE MICROREGION | Mikroregion Šumava Západ




Ing. Jaroslav Tachovský
Chairman of the Coordinating Council

Modrava 63
341 92 Kašperské Hory

E-mail: mikroregion@sumavanet.cz

Tel. : +420 602 680 178


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About the Microregion

The Microregion of Šumava – West is an association interlinking business and municipal spheres and combining their strength for their mutual benefit.  The basic philosophy for the success of the Microregion is to enable municipalities to create an environment which would encourage further growth of enterprising ventures.

Municipalities will guarantee the creation and sustainability of the regional development strategy within their territories and within the entire Microregion. In terms of this strategy they will endeavour to support business activities, support private investment and apply methodical assistance to gain various subsidies and supporting funds. They will also cooperate in terms of administration procedures, e.g. close cooperation during the preparation of the regional plan to enable transparency, shortening the periods of land registry and building proceedings and using financial stimuli in terms of charges or rent to support business ventures. Towns will act as legal entities and apply for various subsidies, but in future this process will gradually move into the private sphere. 

After all it is not important who will bring the money into the region but how the money improves the quality of lives of the residents of the given region. The improvement of standard of living and sustainable development should become the priority for the entire Microregion. 

The area is defined by the territories of the following member municipalities of the Microregion: 

• Borová Lada
• Čachrov
• Dlouhá Ves
• Hamry
• Horská Kvilda
• Kašperské Hory
• Kvilda
• Modrava
• Prášily
• Rejštejn
• Srní
• Sušice
• Železná Ruda